The Global Information Network Architecture™  

The GINA software framework enables the bridging of the symbolic and the connectionist representations of the world through causal-dynamic executable-models. Contextual, causal, behavioral, and adaptive models described using our VRDM methods uniquely make possible the "computational plasticity" required for digital machines to infer, adapt, and control other systems based on the changing context of their operational environment.  Pattern and curve matching technologies (ML and DL) are not learning technologies, they are optimizing technologies. For a machine to learn it must have the ability to calculate across concepts and relationships within the context of the moment and then adapt itself to those changes -- that is uniquely possible with the GINA technology.




Vector Relational Data Modeling ™ 

A declarative software design language and methodology for creating applications that infer, adapt, and embody the causal dynamics of real world systems and their behaviors. Unique to VRDMTM applications are the representation of entity relationships as dynamic objects and the orchestration of actions and action-chains across those relationships. Contextual adaptation of a system requires the ability to process the changing data associated with entities in the context of relationships that exist between entities and between the conceptual models that define them. 


DragonPulse™ Information Management System (DPIMS™)


2011 DoD DIACAP #DA207735

2018 RMF "Type" Classification & ATO

The Big Kahuna Vision

The universe is made up of objects and relationships.  Knowledge is the recognition and understanding of the relationships between objects and events.  Wisdom is the application of the knowledge of behaviors of objects across relationships to actors and events that may not yet exist or have occurred -- the use of imagination, intuition, prediction.

Throughout human history there have been those that were believed to have the ability to speak with God, the gods, or the spirits of the earth. In Hawaiian culture the Kahuna (keeper of the secrets) was seen as one who was capable of understanding the relationships between the spirits of the world, the gods, and humans.

Every interaction between people, systems, and things creates new relationships. It is the mission of Big Kahuna Technologies to explore and develop new types of systems that provide the understanding of objects and events from the causal dynamics that exist in the relationships between things, and make accessible to both man and machine the meaning of what things are, what they might have been, and what they could be. 

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