The Global Information Network Architecture™ (GINA™) model management server provides an environment for building and managing executable meta-meta-models for creating system-of-system solutions... >> More >>


\RD Modeling

Vector Relational Data Modeling (\RD™) is the use of meta-data, operating on relationship-objects, in order to describe and model application functionality while simultaneously creating executable models that run in the GINA™ entirely new approach to Object Oriented programming....


DragonPulse™ Information Management System (DPIMS™)

DoD DIACAP #DA207735

The Big Kahuna Vision

The universe is made up of objects and relationships. The act of discovering an object turns it in to information  in a capable system, creating a fundamental knowledge (i.e. I exist and the object exists establishes at least one inherent relationship... Coexistence!) Knowledge is the ability  to understand relationships between objects. Wisdom is the ability to recognize relationships, either directly or in the abstract based upon abstract associations.

Throughout history there have been those that were believed to have the ability to speak with God, The Gods, Spirits of the Earth, Etc... The Kahuna (Keeper of the Secrets), in Hawaiian culture was seen as one who was enlightened, capable of understanding the relationships between the Spirits of the world, the Gods, and Man.

While many natural relationships are taken for granted in the modern world, there is an even higher demand for understanding relationships between objects. Data is abundant and with every person, every interaction, new systems are established and relationships are formed. It is the mission of Big Kahuna Technologies, to explore and develop  new types of systems that provide the ability to categorize data in to sets, and communicate their relationships to man and machine.

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